Culford Garden is proud of our sustainability

We make our home and business more sustainable each year to reduce the impact on the environment.
We do the following to achieve this:

  • Compost all food scraps, grass clippings, garden waste, and wood and straw shavings from the duck and chicken runs.
  • Recycle glass, plastics, paper and batteries. We use only biodegradable or non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Use LED lighting, which consume less energy. We also have timers installed on interior and exterior lighting, and motion sensor equipment.
  • Renewable energy supply from renewable sources such as hydro and geothermal
  • Use a home ventilation system (HRV) in all bedrooms and living areas. This provides fresh filtered air throughout the house and cools in the warmer months. It also kills dust mites and keeps the home dry.
  • We've begun to double-glaze our home. In the future we hope to use solar energy to reduce our energy footrprint and heat the pool during the cooler months. 
  • Use sustainably sourced furniture as well as refurbishing existing furniture. Much of our furniture is made from wood sourced from the Gully at the back of the property. We print on recycled paper. 
  • Biodegradable or non-toxic toiletries and cleaning products used.
  • Reduce packaging by using dispensers for high-quality toiletries. Purchase from local or Fair trade producers who have environmentally-friendly packaging or returnable containers where possible. 
  • Energy and water-efficient appliances.
  • Bore water is used for the garden, swimming pool and animal trough. We plan to harvest rain water from the Barn Roof in the near future.
  • Buy local produce, free range and organic, where possible, to reduce transport emissions. 
  • Offer guests bicycles for local touring and walking guides to local attractions.

We enjoy our environment and support wildlife conservation and the regeneration of native forests. We support Maungatuatari Sanctuary Mountain, a native bird sanctuary open to the public, located 32 minutes drive from Culford Gardens. 
In Spring at Culford Gardens you may see Tui getting intoxicated on the nectar of the huge cherry tree. It starts to bloom around August. Also over Spring and Summer you'll also see a pair of resident Quails bringing up their young. 

We ask you, our guest to play a part in our efforts of sustainability

  • We encourage our guests to please recycle waste, glass, plastics, and used batteries etc.
  • Please Switch off appliances when you're out.
  • We offer a towel and linen change agreement to reduce energy and water use - changing your towel every other day and linen at the end of stay (however, upon request we'll provide them daily).
  • Please use the reusable drinking bottles provided for you in the common room fridge. Help yourself when you go for your run/walk to the nearby lake. Bring the water bottle back to us for to clean and refill for the fridge.
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